100 Pieces of Advice from 100-Year-Olds

Celebrating a 100 years may seem to be a great achievement for some while the others may have gone through all the experiences you could ever imagine, or even some those you cant even think of. Going through the ups and downs of life these centenarians have experienced several special moments, losses of loved ones, living through all the happy and sad moments that we might never have. 

Even as the life expectancy increases there are only a handful few who could hit that century mark. As the saying goes "You do not grey your hair in the sun" , these people have considerable worth if their knowledge and experiences they would definitely want to share. Recently the "metal_floss" magazine came up with a list of things that these centenarians would like to share. The list of 100 pieces of advice given by 100-year-olds is given at the link given below. As I go through the list I do feel that several of them might be worth considering, some are very true in their very essence while others might be just what they perceive of their life experiences. Though you may not find them all very useful you could still consider others as lessons learnt from some person who has gone through and survived the most harsh, good, bad and ugly phases of their life. Hope you enjoy reading. Here is the link: 



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