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One life...

Despite the busy lifestyle some people often tend to enjoy their lives while also being able to indulge in what they want to or feel like. It is indeed essential that one gets off the couch and gets on the ground to explore the various beauties that their surroundings have to offer. A few of these are : A child holding on to your hand: It give the utmost feeling of being able to support someone in the purest of its form while being able to feel the soft hands of a child, guiding him through the walk of life A dew drop hanging from the leaf in the early morning mist amongst the calmness, with a bare feet walk on the grass, feeling the chill in the morning air A mother feeding her child: One of the most beautiful things that resemble a bond that not everyone could understand An elder brother or sister looking after the younger one Gazing at the free birds flying high in the sky with no limits to be bound to and an endless journey to take u