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When people feel all grown up

On day you wake up and you feel as if everyone around you is behaving a little different from usual  You try to talk to them. You feel maybe its just a bad day... But this just goes on... Its either the people around you or yourself... You just cant makeup your mind... and then you suddenly realize that your friend and colleagues have suddenly realized that they have grown up and they need to do something with their lives. You try to straighten things up... maybe try and talk them out of it, while all you do from the bottom of your heart is you pray for them not to change... You ask your self, maybe, that why do people need to change... and why do they... After all its you and them and everyone else, the same as they were a few days/years back, not so long ago... All you really want is for them to understand you and keep being the same as they always were... But the sad truth of life is not only that everyone grows up..but they also move on... Its none of your fault.. At times you ar