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Dilemma of a PhD (thesis submitted) student

So what does one does one do after he/she has submitted their PhD thesis. Here in India it takes an awful amount of time for the process of thesis review upto the time of viva (The PhD degree is awarded on the day of viva itself). So what could one do with their time while the process takes its own sweet time.  Normally after thesis submission upto the date of viva it could take around 6-12 months. It could take a huge load on the student , depending on his/her temperament. Usually students would like to apply for postdoctoral position or other suitable job openings during this time period. A few of them might get lucky enough to even get a position. however, with the ever increasing competition in the field and hundreds of applications received daily by each of the high profile research organizations, it has become a norm these days to shortlist or take candidate with a degree in hand. However, some organizations do relax the stringency a bit by giving time to the candidate to