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Can emotions have errors !!!

Can emotions have errors !!! Scientists, for years now, have tried to understand how emotions are expressed, what riggers the, how do past experiences effect our current emotional status, how do we know when to express fear/anger/ humility/love etc. The neurons grow and form synapses as the embryo develops into an adult. During the process we develop long-term and short-term memories which are stored in our brain as experiences on which we learn and make decisions  As the events are repeated the synapses responsible for triggering the response strengthen over time and the memory of that event becomes permanent and we start to do things without having to remember them i.e. via. the subconscious mind.  At times there might occur an error (to state it simply) when hypothetically, a neuron forms synapse with another neuron responsible for a non-associated trigger in the circuit. You might have often heard people saying that they can taste color. This is sometimes referred to