Monday Mornings

While all Facebook and Twitter fans may agree that Monday mornings are the worst part of the week, I would have a different opinion. Monday marks the beginning of the week (well for most of the people with regular day jobs). It is supposed to bring along fun and enthusiasm. Despite this feeling, The widely tweeted and posted status messages might just be having a placebo effect and might make you feel lethargic.

Just to pump you up, think of Monday as the beginning of a new day, week and an opportunity to start afresh. you have taken all the rest you needed on a Sunday and you are all ready and pumped up to begin something new or give a new direction to something of importance. So its best that you leave everything that happened behind and start a new day as it should be. Besides, what could be a better opportunity(for optimists) or an excuse (for pessimists) to start of.... Let the spirit of Monday be.. and put your best step forward with all the enthusiasm and leave behind any laziness... For it will be in you best interest.

Make the best of everyday..... set a goal, not for anyone but for yourself, and aim to fulfill it. Be away from people who would be ready to pull you down or make you fell any worse. Moreover, the brains cognitive potential is at its high at the morning. So, it would be best to make the most of it. You may choose to take some time to set your priorities and set your task with a clear head in the morning. And why let it be for Monday...let it be for any other day. Its important that you realize that days wont make a difference, its your attitude that does. 
And if all this does not work, maybe you are doing something wrong. Maybe you are not taking enough rest on Sundays, or maybe you are just lazy in your head. Its time you realize your times worth and do something radical to change it; 

Have some fun : Life's not just about work, and there nothing wrong in finding some fun in your work.

Prioritize: Strike a balance between Important and Urgent. If required you could set deadlines at Fridays rather than Mondays to avoid overworking yourself on weekends

Set your goals: Its always about looking forward to something. People who don't have goads, don't have any thing to work for. They are the real bores.

Embrace: I personally try my best to do that. Accept what has to be... and enjoy it .... or do something to change it if it doesn't suit you... losers complain... Go and do what you have to do...

Despite all this I am pretty sure still some might think this to be a post not worth going through..but that's because you are too lazy to do something about it. Let not Monday be an excuse for having 'blues'. Get up and get on with it while you can still make the most of it... Have a nice day and 'Enjoy'


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