Saturday, June 22, 2013

Can emotions have errors !!!

Can emotions have errors !!!

Scientists, for years now, have tried to understand how emotions are expressed, what riggers the, how do past experiences effect our current emotional status, how do we know when to express fear/anger/ humility/love etc.

The neurons grow and form synapses as the embryo develops into an adult. During the process we develop long-term and short-term memories which are stored in our brain as experiences on which we learn and make decisions  As the events are repeated the synapses responsible for triggering the response strengthen over time and the memory of that event becomes permanent and we start to do things without having to remember them i.e. via. the subconscious mind. 
At times there might occur an error (to state it simply) when hypothetically, a neuron forms synapse with another neuron responsible for a non-associated trigger in the circuit. You might have often heard people saying that they can taste color. This is sometimes referred to as a neurological condition 'Synesthesia', and has been studied by scholars and scientists for years now and you could find quite some literature regarding this on  the  web. But that's not actually what I want to discuss!!!

What actually captured my attention was that some people at times can both cry and laugh at the same time despite the fact that they might be really sad but are not sure whether to express themselves in front of someone in the correct way. Or you might have eaten a full meal to fill you  up but you are in a really bad mood and want to eat more. Its all about emotions and the errors within!! What triggers these erroneous responses is the question?? Is this just another form of Synesthesia is not very clear to me....

Now as I mentioned earlier that neurons form synapses while memories are established. What governs the recognition of one neuron by the other ans what assures that there is no cross connectivity in the brain wiring??? After all, the brain is also another circuit very much like the several electrical circuits in a house. But which switch would light a bulb and which would start a fan and if they can be cross-connected is my question.... SO the questions that I would lie to ask are :

1. How do neurons decide when to trigger
2. How do two neurons recognize and connect to each other
3. Do multiple neurons cross connect
4. In case of (3) above, which neurons get triggered first
5. What if this were another leap in evolution to de-clutter the neuronal circuitry of the human brain and actually beneficial to evolve multi-tasking (with eventually trade off of less desirable traits). Could this mean that 1000 years  from now people could control/trigger their emotions. But then what would be the basis of their decision to do so. Could they be emotional about controlling their emotions? Will it result in an emotional paradox???